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Liquid Pictures, forensic animation, 3D, bio-medical, simulations, litigation graphics

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For the past eight years Liquid Pictures has focused heavily on Forensic Animation. Due to our efforts in this field, Liquid Pictures is now recognised as the premier Forensic Animation Studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Liquid Pictures was recently featured on TechTV TechLive television Show which aired nationally on 06/04/02. Click here to see the write up and the video clip.

BIG NEWS: Liquid Pictures' technology base is constantly building. Recently we've added a full dual stream non-linear digital video suite with realtime 3D transitions and video effects as well as realtime MPEG 2 output. This gives Liquid PicturES the in-house capabilities of capturing live video, combining video with computer graphics and animation, edit and output to BetaSP, DVD and streaming MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 in real time.

Liquid Pictures has recently relocated to a larger facility. Additional expansion of staff and capabilities are in the works due to the increase in Forensics oriented products and the demand for affordable, quality animations and special effects.

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