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Forensic Science is used to answer questions of interest to the legal system. Liquid Pictures has produced thousands of forensic animations with success in state and federal courts as well as level one arbitration. We have the ability and experience to deliver persuasive visual information for the purposes of informing judges and educating juries, as well as trial use as demonstrative evidence.

Since 1997, Liquid Pictures has been honing a team of skilled professionals focusing on forensic animation. Our projects have covered a wide range of topics from patent infringement and technology disputes to disaster re-enactment, accident recreation, architectural renderings and bio-medical simulations.

Liquid Pictures assists in conflict resolution for clients such as Acer, Beyer, Comcast, EBMUD, Genprobe, IBM, Intel, SGI, TiVo, and Yahoo. (Please see our Clients page for a list of permitting clients.)

Due to the critical time frames and set deadlines inherent in litigations, efficiency and competency are a high priority. Liquid Pictures has the resources to complete animations to a high level of detail, on time and on budget.