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Entertainment covers a broad range of possibilities within 3D graphics. Here at Liquid Pictures, we have broken it into three sub-categories that better explain what we do.

Special Effects

Liquid Pictures is involved in the creation of high-end graphics for many games and visual demonstrations requiring the use of flashy special effects. These products are employed in game cinematic sequences, trade show visuals and product marketing media.

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If you have an idea for a project that you think can't be done - think again. Liquid Pictures has the skills and experience to bring your idea to fruition and add the finishing touches to set your production above the rest.

Liquid Pictures' custom library of special effects encompasses the full range of possibilities from simple lens flares and lighting effects to complex explosions with particle systems. Scenes can also be populated with virtual characters to liven up any animation.


Liquid Pictures has expanded video capabilities and has produced broadcast quality content for a number of clients, including a marketing piece utilized by the San Francisco Giants.
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We have in house ability to hold up to 2+ hours of D2 quality nonlinear video. Our dual stream, nonlinear equipment captures and plays back at 720x486x60 fps, and is capable of real-time 2D and 3D digital video effects, transitions and color correction, as well as real-time MPEG 2 output. By combining this system with our 3D artists we can create an outstanding array of effects.

Many games and educational products are played in real-time with simple graphics. Their interfaces and introductions however, can be complex, visual, artistic masterpieces. Whether you need exacting reality or incredible fantasy, Liquid Pictures can reproduce your ideas with precise clarity or help with the design of something that has never been seen. We can provide design concepts, storyboards and post editing in addition to 3D animations and special effects.

As the technology gets better, so do we. Subsequent version of products, such as Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, have been completely transformed from flat, two dimensional images to real world environments with three dimensional characters and props. Liquid Pictures is often commissioned to bring such games and educational products into the new millennium with the highest standards that can be produced with the latest cutting-edge technology.

Liquid Pictures has been involved in the production of many popular games and multimedia titles over the past several years. Some of these titles are: How Multimedia Computers Work for Ziff Davis Publishing and The Software Toolworks, Metal Marines for The Software Toolworks, How Your Body Works for Ziff Davis and Mindscape, Silent Hunter for Strategic Simulation Inc., Star Trek Deep Space 9, The Harbinger for Viacom/StormFront Studios. Liquid Pictures also worked on JUMBLE: That Scrambled Word Game. We developed the interface and opening animated sequence for Hasbro Interactive's CD based game.


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