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Liquid Pictures, located in Berkeley, California, was founded in 1993 by Zachary Rymland who now leads an international team of professionals with backgrounds in architecture, math, communication and art. Our clients appreciate this vicissitude when it comes to accommodating the specific needs of their projects.

There is a pool of expertise at Liquid Pictures that tells absolutely the best stories in 3D animation. Frequently, there is one core idea that ties a project together. Once that idea is understood, the subsequent pieces fall into place, but it is not always obvious. Our clients have come to expect an initial understanding of ideas due to the unique ability of our team to grasp the underlying concepts. Put in simple terms. . .we listen. The key element in achieving our goal is to help you, the client, achieve your goal.


Zachary Rymland - President and Founder

Zac has over 20 years combined experience in designing 3D space. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but a Bay Area resident for most of his life, Zac graduated from UC Berkeley in 1987, with a degree in Architecture. He has worked with a corporate architectural firm in San Francisco, as well as with a small start-up company in Oakland where he became one of the pioneers in this new field of 3D animation. "When I went to college, there were no degrees for what we were doing", Zac says, "especially on a PC platform". He was quickly promoted to management and after four years, saw many more possibilities than his peers and decided to forge ahead with his own ideas, and his own company.

Liquid Pictures opened its doors in 1993. Zac has been the driving force behind the company since its inception, and now oversees an international staff, a multitude of sub-contractors, all production and research and development.

Trina Rymland - PR and Business Development

Trina's background combines a B.A. in Communication from Cal State University, San Bernardino with practical experience as a graphic artist. She assists with the daily management of the office as well as developing public relations strategies and long term business plans. She consults on most projects with an objective point of view regarding aesthetics and logic. When you call our office, most likely her's is the first voice you will hear.

Jeffrey Reynolds - Senior Animator

Jeffrey is a seven year veteran of Liquid Pictures. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1996 with a degree in Mathematics. He has an extensive, albeit informal background in computers, including 2D graphics, page layout and programming. Jeffrey has worked on projects ranging from DNA sequencing and Gene-chip applications for Affymetrix to Cargo Crane Sway Analysis for the City of Long Beach, CA.

Jeffrey started at Liquid Pictures in May of 1997 with no formal training in 3D computer graphics, but an intense desire to learn. Zac says, "Jeffrey has a unique way of approaching a challenge. He saves us an incredible amount of time through his ability to customize and automate a process within a 3D environment." With his stellar math skills and problem solving capabilities he quickly became an invaluable member of the team.

Piyatida Shiozaki - Senior Animator

Piyatida is an award-winning designer who comes to Liquid Pictures from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her rendering of the Taj Mahal won within the "Best Rendering" category as well as "Best Overall Entry" in an Alias/Wavefront International Student Competition in 1999. She received her Masters of Computer Arts from the Academy in 1999 where she studied Multimedia, Animation, Art History and Philosophy. She received her undergraduate degree in Architecture from King Monkut's Institute of Technology, from her native Thailand. She has worked in the fields of Interior Architecture and Print. We highly value her aesthetic ability. "She brings a little beauty to our heavily technical work with her extraordinary skills in lighting and material application."

Joining Liquid Pictures in 1999, she has worked on many projects including a simulation of the Hearst Mining Building for a case involving UC Berkeley, and a Federal case for International Paper v. Affiliated FM Insurance Co., which resulted in a win for our client. This case happened to be the fifth largest verdict in the United States for the year 2003.