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Winning litigation requires the ability to educate, inform and influence a judge or jury. At Liquid Pictures, we create compelling demonstratives and concise tutorials that do exactly that. We help clients win in state and federal courts, ITC and Congressional hearings and level one arbitration.

Forensic Animation Lock Analogy

Since 1997, our team of skilled professionals have produced thousands of forensic animations across a range of topics, from patent infringement and technology disputes to disaster and accident recreation, construction defects, product failures, medical malpractice and more. We have helped many fortune 500 companies enforce and defend their positions.

Forensic Animation Gas Station Accident

Due to the critical time frames and set deadlines inherent in litigations, efficiency and competency are a high priority. Liquid Pictures has the resources and the commitment to complete animations to the highest level of accuracy, on time and on budget.

Forensic Animaiton Shooting Image