From a basic massing study or full on photo realistic animation, stand alone rendering or a photo or video montage, Liquid Pictures understands architecture, construction and design and knows how to convey it with the greatest impact.

Archtectural Simulations 505 Montgomery

Our simulations can bring projects to life as high resolution stills (before and after), as well as video animations that present your project in live video. These materials are frequently used for design and marketing presentations as well as to meet EIR and other government / agency requirements.

“If you have been trying to develop visual simulations in house, using the skill of new architectural graduates, you are depriving yourself the power of an experienced team that will convey your idea precisely, initially, ultimately saving you time and money.”

Simulations Shadow Study Sample

In association with CADP/FastCast, Liquid Pictures is the leading shadow study provider for the city of San Francisco. We have the only APPROVED solar engine and base dataset for casting accurate shadows and making sure projects conform. Our base dataset is constantly updated so we know the exact change in shadows caused by proposed and approved buildings, even if not built.

CADP/FastCast develops proprietary solar and shadow software approved by the city of San Francisco and also maintains a detailed and current 3d model of the greater San Francisco region. FastCast